Google Rips Microsoft

While Google also 'copies' ideas from Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. They also do copy (a lot) from their most hated rival - Microsoft.

Colored Boxes


Hmm. No comment.

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Material is Metro-inspired

Google’s new Material Design language seems to have lifted a ‘few’ cues from Microsoft’s Metro. 

Metro name is still way cooler than Material.

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Google Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich update introduced vertical dots which is an indirect copy of Windows Phones horizontal ellipses in lieu of showing additional menu items.

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Google Music Goes Zune

Google’s design is coincidentally similar (say inspired) by what the Zune team did 3 years ago

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Google Wallet Goes Metro

Google rips-off Microsoft’s Windows Phone branding on it’s Google Wallet graphic. The graphic has since been changed.

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Google Colors its Squares

Google apprently thinks Microsoft’s Metro Tile layout looks nice enough to use it on their Google IO site.

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ChromeOS likes Windows 8…

… but Windows 8 is “chrome-less” :p

Chrome OS rips Microsoft’s Windows 8 taskbar

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Google Play also misses Zune

Google Play rips the Zune branding. I can’t help but see the Zune logo (even the neon pink-orange color gradient) 

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