Google Rips Microsoft

While Google also 'copies' ideas from Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. They also do copy (a lot) from their most hated rival - Microsoft.



Google Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich update introduced vertical dots which is an indirect copy of Windows Phones horizontal ellipses in lieu of showing additional menu items.


Google Music Goes Zune

Google’s design is coincidentally similar (say inspired) by what the Zune team did 3 years ago

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Google Wallet Goes Metro

Google rips-off Microsoft’s Windows Phone branding on it’s Google Wallet graphic. The graphic has since been changed.


Google Colors its Squares

Google apprently thinks Microsoft’s Metro Tile layout looks nice enough to use it on their Google IO site.


ChromeOS likes Windows 8…

… but Windows 8 is “chrome-less” :p

Chrome OS rips Microsoft’s Windows 8 taskbar


Google Play also misses Zune

Google Play rips the Zune branding. I can’t help but see the Zune logo (even the neon pink-orange color gradient) 

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